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About Thinking of Oscar

Thinking of Oscar is dedicated to the memory of Oscar Cole, who died very suddenly in June 2014, aged just 16 months. Thinking of Oscar started off with the aim of supporting children and their families whilst in hospital care by funding projects and innovation over and above that supplied by the UK's National Health Service (NHS).


In the years that followed, interactions with children's hospitals both in the UK and around the world provided an awareness of the significant void between the funding and focus given to children's healthcare, and the inequalities faced by children in need of hospital care.  Children make up 25% of the population, yet receive less than 5% of health funding and less than 1% of digital health funding.

Thinking of Oscar's mission is to 'Bring the Future of Healthcare to Children', through the support and funding of innovative projects, such as digital health technologies, that focus on improving the experiences of sick children. 

To date Thinking of Oscar has raised in excess of £400,000 and has funded projects working with a number of children's hospitals across the UK. 


Our Mission !

" To bring the future of healthcare to children "


Thinking of Oscar focuses on improving the experiences of children and their families in hospital care. We do this by identifying problems which are big enough to matter but small enough to be addressable and by funding innovative investments be they in the form of new technology or a new way of doing something.

The "Not Mini Adults" Podcast

We believe that 'stories have the power to change the world', and there are many unsung heros working to change the world of children's health.  We share these stories on the Not Mini Adults Podcast - Pioneers for Children's Health and Wellbeing.

Latest Podcast




Emily Gruenwoldt


International Children's Advisory Network


Leanne West


Luckie Tech


Joel de Oliveira

Thanks to your support we have helped children in hospital across the UK

"Thinking of Oscar are a charity determined to make a real impact on child health. Not content with helping just to implement new innovation they are driving the search FOR new innovation. They're creating networks for hospitals to develop new ideas and techniques for improving how children are cared for and fostering collaborations that will open the way for new technologies and approaches to healthcare delivery."

Dr Damian Roland, Consultant Emergency Paeditrician, Leicester Children's Hospital

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