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Paediatric Innovation Fellow

As an Oxfordshire based charity, Thinking of Oscar has had a long history of working closely with the paediatrics department at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. In collaboration with their innovation team TheHill, we have funded a first of a kind, specialised fellowship program to a paediatrician interested in exploring innovation within the children’s services.

The fellowship supports the development and/or adoption of new innovations within the paediatric department. These innovations could take the form of quality improvement projects, digital innovation, service evaluation or a new product adoption.


The Fellow’s role is to identify local needs that present innovation opportunities and explored technologies or approaches which would resolve the need. Where appropriate the technology options are guided through the innovation panel (as supported by TheHill team) to support the trialling and/or adoption of the innovation within Children’s and Neonates.

Doctor High Five

About Oxford University Hospitals paediatrics and TheHill

Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trusts employs over 12,000 staff who provide care to over one million patients each year, of that XXX patients are treated and cared within the specialist children’s hospital based at the John Radcliffe hospital. TheHill is an innovation catalyst, embedded within Oxford University Hospitals NHS FT, who supports the Trust’s strategy of becoming Digital By Default by 2025 and its continued drive to provide best available care to patients. TheHill empowers innovation in health and social care by supporting the development and implementation of new approaches, both digital and non-digital, which seek to make the NHS more efficient and effective, empower staff and benefit patients.


Oxford has a vibrant innovation community including Oxford Academic Health Science Network, TheHill, Wood Centre for Innovation, Oxford University Innovation and Oxford Sciences Innovation amongst many more.

Updates on the Fellow’s impact to be reported soon.


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