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Our Campaigns & Impact

Thinking of Oscar focuses on improving the experiences of children and their families in hospital care. We do this by identifying problems which are big enough to matter but small enough to be addressable and by funding innovative investments be they in the form of new technology or a new way of doing something.

Given that 90% of our funding comes from traditional fundraising activities we are exceptionally sensitive to tracking how monies are spent and project value realised. We work closely with our clinical advisors in order to focus our energies on projects which can deliver tangible value relatively quickly.

In our early years many of our projects launch in Oxford, because this is where we live and it is where Oscar spent a short amount of time and so we have a wide range of sponsorship there. Our remit, however, is across England and so we are open to requests for support from any hospital located in England. One of the pre-requisites of project selection though, is the clear identification of a sponsor within that hospital setting. We do not want to make an investment which does not have clear ownership by an individual who is happy to feed back to us about benefits as they are seen. It’s very important to us to be able to share with our donors occasional details of the impact that their involvement and generosity has had.

Over time more and more of our projects will take place in hospitals outside of Oxfordshire. This will occur naturally as we raise awareness of the work of Thinking of Oscar, and as our network expands. In the meantime, we are focused on doing what we do very well, and learning as much as we can about the most important challenges being faced by Paediatric Healthcare and how Thinking of Oscar might be able to help to address some of those.

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