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Interactive Floor Projector

Oxfordshire School, Abingdon Boys Preparatory School chose Thinking of Oscar as their Charity of the Year for 2016 - 2017. They conducted numerous fundraising initiatives during the course of the school year, raising more than £10,000. This has enabled them to purchase an interactive floor projector which will be installed in Oxford’s John Radcliffe Children’s Hospital.

An interactive floor projector has the ability to project any number of images onto a floor (or table top, if required) surface. Children are able to ‘swoosh’ through piles of Autumn leaves, play football, ‘dip’ their toe in the water or play educational games, all in a virtual capacity. When they make the appropriate movement on the floor the image that is being projected responds accordingly.


The Projector

showcase of projector

Projection on floor

Having seen it demonstrated ourselves it’s a very engaging experience for all age groups, and valuable as a distraction aid in the hospital environment. We intend to deliver it, together with some of the boys, into the hospital prior to Christmas.

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