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#TOO500 – Thursday January 10th 2019

What’s it all about?

TOO500, which stands for Thinking of Oscar 500, is the name of the bike ride which we are organising to mark the 5th anniversary of the charity and five years since Oscar died. The significance of the 500 is that this is the number of miles that will be cycled from start to finish.

The ride begins in Oxford on Wednesday 12th June 2019. From there we ride to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, over the Pennines to Sheffield Children’s Hospital, down to Great Ormond Children’s Hospital in London and back up to Oxford, arriving on Sunday 16th June 2019.

The purpose of the ride is to raise awareness of the need to invest more in child health and to raise £500,000. Having achieved our fundraising goal we will continue to work with the consortia of children’s hospitals that we have brought together in order to continue to have a good understanding as to how they are spending the money raised by Thinking of Oscar. We will then invite all those involved to reconvene 18 months later to enable each institution to present back to the rest of the group about what they have achieved during that time.

Registration for the event is now open and you can find out more about it at and see the route map here. You are welcome to join us for the entire ride or for one or more days. We are also seeking corporate partners. Those relationships might take different forms; including for example, a donation that covers the cost of some or all of the event, or a bespoke arrangement which enables a number of employees to participate in the ride themselves. You can contact us directly or via in order to find out more.

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