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Our trip to Singapore – Monday 23rd February

On reflection our trip to Singapore to participate in the round the island ride that you may have read about was a positive one. We had spent some time together, just the three of us, during the first week. With a constant awareness of Oscar’s absence we were hit time and again with pangs of sadness and at times Holly looked very alone and deep in her own thoughts. She misses her playmate and that is painful for us to see. Fortunately after a couple of days another family arrived with a little girl of a similar age and the two had a lovely time together. We overheard Holly talking about Oscar to the little girl several times in the first afternoon and afterwards David asked her if she had told her friend that Oscar had died. Holly’s reply was no she hadn’t because she felt it wasn’t kind to tell someone that someone else had died.

Above all it was good to have the time and space to think and just be together. Usually whether at home or away we have fun together but comment that holidays aren’t quite the relaxing events that they used to be prior to kids, breathing a sigh of relief once they are in bed and the wine’s poured. It just wasn’t like that this time. It was just really really nice for the three of us to be together 24×7.

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