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It’s not the end of the world – Tuesday January 19th 2016

This evening over dinner Holly managed to spill some food down herself. She paused for a moment… it hadn’t been an easy day. David is away for a week with work, Holly had woken me, and therefore also Barney, a couple of times in the night as she had had a bad dream. Actually she has woken me every night for the past five nights which is not normal as she is a great sleeper. Barney is teething, there’s about four teeth going to break through any day now, so the night had been pretty interrupted anyway and although I don’t have any expectations of an unbroken nights sleep and I really don’t mind being a bit tired, when I lose track of how many times I got up then I am undeniably very, very grumpy. So when Holly spilt her dinner down herself I suspect she was unsure of the reaction that she was going to get from me.

I wasn’t bothered. We’d made it to the end of the day. And eventually she came out with this statement “It’s not the end of the world is it Mummy?” “No”, I replied “it’s not the end of the world”. “What is the end of the world Mummy? Me going to bed late would be the end of the world wouldn’t it?”. “No, that wouldn’t be the end of the world Holly.” “What would the end of the world be then? Something really bad?” “Yes it would have to be something really bad Hols” There was a pause and then unsurprisingly she said “Oscar dying was the end of the world wasn’t it Mummy” “Pretty much Hols yes. Nothing much else would be the end of the world”. “Well Barney getting hurt would be the end of the world wouldn’t it?” “Yes Hols, any of you being hurt or really unwell would be the end of the world but that’s about all”.

A quick philosophy lesson from a five year old was quite a helpful way to end the day. I’d already learned a few other useful facts. You cannot make fish pie with one hand. Dropping a bag of frozen peas on the floor is quite funny even when you are in a grump. Spending an entire evening clearing up because making a fish pie with one hand whilst holding a teething baby is quite messy is not really that bad. A glass of red wine helps. But at the end of the day most things are not the end of the world.

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