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evidence-based digital therapeutics transform patient outcomes 

The Smileyscope headset are virtual reality (VR) goggles that take children out of the sterile hospital environment and transport them into a colourful underwater world.

This isn’t gaming – these special goggles for patients aged four to 11 allow procedures to be completed faster and without the need for sedation, reducing the likelihood of children needing to stay in hospital.

Smileyscope goggles have been shown to reduce a child’s pain by up to 60 per cent and reduce the need for restraint by 48 per cent while undergoing needle treatments such as blood tests, vaccinations and chemotherapy.

Many of us will have experienced first hand what it is like to take a child for a blood test, vaccanation or cannula.  It can urn out to not be a pleasant experience for the child, parent or care giver.  We immediatly recognised the ompact that Smileyscope could have to a child and wanted to support them by funding 5 Smileyscope VR Headsets into four children's hospitals across the UK.

Listen to our inverveiw with Smileyscope CEO Dr Evelyn Chan on what led her to invent Smileyscope and what impact it has had on patients all over the world.


You can also watch our video below...  

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